The Mission of JP Digital: An Open Letter to Business Owners

The Mission of JP Digital: An Open Letter to Business Owners

The Mission of JP Digital - An Open Letter to Business Owners

We help business owners destroy the fear, dread, and feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of their business becoming antiquated.

I feel bad for the business owners who are getting steamrolled by digital technology and marketing. The ones who are so overwhelmed by the Google’s and Facebook’s of today that they’ve given up all confidence and optimism about the future of their business.

While the platforms and methodologies change, the rapid evolution of digital marketing and advertising technology isn’t going away. If you don’t adapt, you probably won’t make it in business much longer. That’s not fear-mongering.

Your fear is rational.

Your feelings of being overwhelmed are rational.

Your anxiety is rational.

But there’s always an out…

Our mission might seem “Plain Jane” on the surface, but it’s supremely powerful, because genuine empathy for clients and customers is the key to every long-standing business.

Everything we do at JP Digital is filtered through a desire — and more so a deep-seated need — to help struggling businesses thrive in a digital world.

Sure, we’re selling stuff here too…

We’re driving growth through ad campaigns, building brands on social media, and creating flashy websites. (Promise, it’s more exciting than it sounds!)

But what we sell here is substantially more than ads or websites.

We sell confidence.

We sell optimism.

We sell the peace of mind.

We sell a future for your business.

Buffett says, “Always look for ways to delight your customer, not satisfy them.”

We hope that by delighting our clients and accomplishing our mission of delivering peace of mind, we enable your business to delight your customers and employees.

End result? Everyone goes home happy.


Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder, JP Digital

Jonathan Payne is a Louisville digital marketing consultant, leading as the CEO of JP Digital with nearly a decade of digital marketing experience helping both small businesses and national brands like Old Forester, Early Times, KORBEL, and University of Louisville. JP Digital exists to replace that feeling of being overwhelmed by digital marketing with confidence and optimism about the future of your business. Let's chat if you're ready to be bold with your digital marketing.

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