Search Engine Optimization

What’s the prerequisite to generating new business from your website?


More importantly, qualified traffic — people with a specific problem that your business solves.

But more than a billion websites compete for top spots in search engines, and understanding how your website ranks higher in Google seems like a mystery, right?

We’re here to bust that confusion using search engine optimization (SEO for short).

How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Louisville Business

The benefit of search engine optimization is your business pops up at the exact moment customers are seeking your services.

That doesn’t happen by accident; it’s the result of intentional strategies and tactics.

Optimizing your website for search engines is plainly about making sure your visitors have a great experience. We accomplish this by focusing on two broad categories: technical and content.

1) Technical SEO

The last place Google wants to send its searchers is to slow, non-secure websites. While much of the technical work isn’t visible to your customers, it’s critical to get correct. These are a few of the many areas we focus

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Enhancing load speed
  • Adding structured markup (especially important for eCommerce)
  • Proper SSL set up and making all media secure
  • Optimized image titles and ALT tags
  • Submitting sitemaps

2) Content Marketing and SEO

The other side of the coin is ensuring your website houses the answers and information relevant to what’s being searched for.

Google doesn’t send its users to websites that have irrelevant or unhelpful content.

  • Keyword-optimized headers and content
  • Key terms on services pages and product pages
  • Optimized page titles,
  • Fresh and unique content relevant to your customers’ needs,

You plainly need to feed Google high quality content that their users are actively searching for.

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

At JP Digital, we use data-driven experimentation to pinpoint key topics your customers are searching for, then we work collaboratively to create a content strategy that appeals to your audience and Google.

The end result is your website houses the answers to customers’ questions, and so Google serves your website more frequently.

We make no lofty promises: this isn’t an approach for overnight success, but it is a channel you can and should use to attract a consistent flow of customers.

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