JP Digital is a leading Louisville advertising agency specializing in digital marketing strategies.

Plain and simple, we help you dismiss the feeling of being overwhelmed by new digital marketing channels and the thought of your business becoming antiquated.

Most digital marketing agencies in Louisville will sell you on some expensive web design project, and then try to up-sell you on services like social media and search engine optimization after the fact.


We ask two straightforward questions before we touch any project: “Who is your customer and where do they currently put their attention?”

When we know the answers to those questions, we reverse engineer a digital marketing program unique to your target customer and designed for the platforms they’re already invested in.

The end result is your business is present in the places your customers want to see you, when they’re open to your message — in turn, driving more qualified leads and attracting more customers.

Whether you need an overhaul on your social media marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, or content marketing, JP Digital is uniquely positioned to help your customers get from A to B.


JP Digital is led by Jonathan Payne, a Louisville Digital Marketing and Advertising Consultant who’s spent more than eight years leading marketing strategies for brands both small and large. The portfolio includes national brands like Old Forester Bourbon, Early Times Whisky, KORBEL California Champagne, Louisville Ballet, University of Louisville, and more.

Behind the scenes, we pride ourselves on being a 100% remote team of passionate marketers who have a knack for understanding that today’s advertising world can be overwhelming to you, the business owner.

Our goal is always to simplify the complicated and to ensure you’re optimistic about the future of your business.


We’d be more than delighted to open a conversation and work out a marketing plan to grow your business. Contact us below…