Be bold with your digital marketing.

Your business is best when it’s not playing hide-n-seek. Be where your customers are, at the exact moment they’re searching for you, by going on offense and being bold with your digital marketing.

At JP Digital, we offer practical digital marketing services that bring you back to feeling confident and optimistic about the future of your business!


Pragmatic digital marketing services that keep your business current and competitive.

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    Louisville’s go-to digital marketing agency.

Unlike most Louisville agencies, we’re more than just “the guys who built your website.” We’re your digital marketing and branding partner, firmly focused on driving more leads and helping your customers have a fulfilling, consistent experience with your business each and every interaction – whether that’s through a Google search, social media post, email, or otherwise.

JP Digital exists to ensure your brand’s digital marketing presence is cohesive, ahead of the curve, competitive, and organized. Our promise is to remove that feeling of being overwhelmed by digital marketing and replace it with confidence and optimism about the future of your business.

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Our two cents on digital marketing.

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The Mission of JP Digital: An Open Letter to Business Owners

We help business owners destroy the fear, dread, and feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of their business becoming antiquated. I feel bad for the business owners who are getting steamrolled by digital technology and marketing. The ones who are so overwhelmed by the Google’s and Facebook’s of today that they’ve given up all …

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The Mission of JP Digital - An Open Letter to Business Owners


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